Rivlin begins consultations to form a government .. And the Arab list resolves its decision today

 Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is to begin parliamentary consultations with representatives of all parliamentary blocs recently elected in the 22nd Knesset elections to name the front-runner to form the next government.

Rivlin will hold these consultations on Sunday and Monday, where he will announce his decision after receiving the official and final results of the elections from the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Judge Hanan Meltzer on Wednesday, according to the Arabic-language channel Makan.

The proceedings of these consultations will be broadcast live on Rivlin's wishes, as he has made no secret of his position in favor of a broad national unity government.

In the same context, the Joint Arab List continues its meetings to take a decisive decision on the recommendation to come out on the support of Benny Gantz, leader of a blue-white party, to form a government or not.

Several leaders on the list said they wanted to topple Netanyahu, but they did not trust Gantz to be a good alternative.

Gamal Zahalka, former president of the National Democratic Rally, said last night that his party opposes the assignment of this task to Gantz because of his right-wing positions and his intention to form a government of national unity with Likud and his failure to abolish the laws of nationalism and Kamintz.

Ahmed Tibi, one of the leaders of the list, said it would not recommend anyone to form the next government for free, explaining in a radio interview this morning, "that the list can achieve two goals promised during the election campaign, namely the achievement of the Arab community and the fall of Netanyahu," describing the second goal that it has a dimension Politically.

Tibi stressed that the list is required to take a government decision binding to combat violence in the Arab society, and the abolition of the Cummins law, and to announce a real economic plan for the development of Arab society and stop the intrusions Al-Aqsa.

"It will not be a recommendation without an adequate price."


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