Netanyahu meets US envoy Greenblatt to discuss deal of the century

US special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt met on Friday with outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, according to the Israeli newspaper "Maariv".

There were allegations that Greenblatt tried to arrange a meeting with the leader of a blue-white party, Benny Gantz, but the party denied that.

"Party leader Benny Gantz will be happy to meet any US official when such a request arrives," a party spokesman said.

The meeting aims to exchange details of the US plan, dubbed the "Deal of the Century" by US President Donald Trump, with the person who will lead the Israeli side in the negotiations if a unity government is formed in Israel.

The Trump administration has announced that it intends to reveal details of the deal of the century after the Israeli general elections held last Tuesday.

The unofficial results showed that no party won the number of seats to form a government alone, which amounts to 61 seats out of 120 seats is the total number of seats in the Knesset.

The two parties with the most seats are the Blue White Party (33), the Likud (32), and the White Blue refuses to enter a unity government with the Likud, which has expressed its desire to do so.


Greenblatt announced his retirement two weeks ago, but said he was continuing his mission with regard to the peace plan.

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