Businessmen Association calls for an economic rescue plan in Gaza

The Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip expressed concern about the unprecedented collapse in economic activities and the high rate of unemployment and poverty.

President of the Association Ali Hayek said in a press statement that the rate of growth in economic activities has not seen any development since the beginning of 2019 as a result of the worsening crises and the absence of any horizon to lift the Israeli blockade and complete Palestinian reconciliation.

"We are aware that the Palestinian reality is suffering from difficult and increasing economic and financial crises in light of the Israeli policies aimed at strangling and tightening," he said.

Hayek called for an urgent "economic rescue plan" to end the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations recently.

"Substantive solutions can only come from strategic political decisions, which will put the humanitarian needs of the population at the center," he said, pointing out that what the population needs is a good economy, easing restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and finding a solution. Internal Palestinian differences that paralyze Gaza's economy. "

Hayek stressed the need to pay attention to the economic sector, through granting incentives and facilities, in addition to spare no effort to achieve genuine national reconciliation to end the division and lift the siege on the population.


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