Canadian Prime Minister dissolves parliament and elections on 21 October

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday ordered the dissolution of parliament, the state-run CBC television reported.

The date of the parliamentary elections, as expected, is set on October 21, and the 40-day electoral battle officially begins.

Opinion polls show that Trudo's Liberal Party is now equal to his fiercest rival, Andrew Shear's conservative party.

In recent months, Trudeau has faced a corruption scandal over investigations against Canadian company SNC Lavalin on corruption and bribery charges.

Trudeau is accused of trying to stop investigations by former justice minister and veterans of his government, Judy Wilson.

Wilson announced her resignation after accusations that she was subjected to government pressure to turn a blind eye and stop judicial investigations against a corrupt company.

Wilson served as justice minister in the Trudeau government before the post of veteran secretary, and Wilson did not reveal the main reason for her resignation.

The values ​​committee had concluded in mid-August that Trudeau acted wrong in this case.


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