President: The American administration is trying to impose special legitimacy and laws on us

President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday that the US administration was trying to impose "special legitimacy and laws" on the Palestinian issue.

"We expected the United States of America, as the largest country in the world, to respect international law and international legitimacy, and to respect the resolutions adopted by the Supreme National Council for Innovation and Excellence," Abbas said. I signed, supported and supported it. "

"But we discovered that they (the US administration) have special legitimacy and special laws, and that they think they are ordering and therefore obeyed the decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, although we agreed otherwise to the previous administration, and it seems that the new administration does not recognize the decisions of the administration Old".

He pointed out that the Palestinian side agreed with the US government not to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, "but US President (Donald Trump) the transfer of the embassy unlawfully, and then simply declared that Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel."

The President warned that Washington "has stopped supporting the (Palestinian) Authority as the territory of Palestine is disputed and those who can occupy it, that is, Israel is free to do what it wants in the Palestinian territories, security for it and everything for it, and we are present by chance in this country."

He stressed that "after these decisions taken by the US government we had to say in the name of the Palestinian people no, we will not allow its passage so we rejected the deal of the times" that Washington wants to put forward to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The president stressed the refusal to deduct Israel from the proceeds of the Palestinian tax funds, especially the salaries of the dead and Palestinian prisoners, "because the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners are the most sacred we have, and we can not lose them and their families.


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