The Prisoners´ Committee condemns the decision authorizing the occupation to detain the bodies of martyrs

The Palestine Liberation Organization's Prisoners and Editors Affairs Committee on Monday condemned a decision by the Israeli Supreme Court on Monday to authorize the detention of martyrs' bodies.

The Authority said in a press statement that the decision comes with the intention of the Israeli judiciary to negotiate and bargain with Palestinian organizations in Gaza to release Israeli soldiers detained in the Gaza Strip.

The statement said that the resolution expresses "a clear coherence between the Israeli judiciary and the military apparatus, in order to refrain from issuing extreme racist laws and decisions against the Palestinians."

He added that "retaliation against the martyrs and punish them after their death, in violation of all international conventions and human rights norms."

This comes as the head of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, announced earlier in the day that the body will sue the Israeli Supreme Court to demand the extradition of the body of Bassam Sayeh, who was martyred yesterday in Israeli prisons.

Prisoners in all Israeli prisons returned meals to pressure the prison administration to hand over Sayeh's body.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh considered today the martyrdom of Sayeh "a deliberate murder as a result of medical negligence" against him.

Sayeh, 47, died yesterday of suffering from cancer, although he has been detained since 2015 and has not yet been sentenced.


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