Lady complains her neighbors to the Supreme Court because of the smell of barbecue!

An Australian High Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a vegetarian woman against her neighbors for "grilling meat in their yard and disturbing her life."

Ms. Sella Cardin claims that her neighbors continue to bother her with the smoke of the barbecue that moves from her yard to her home, especially at night. Judicial 'battle' reportedly broke out between the two neighbors, Cardin and Tuan Fu, in 2017.

For his part, Fu stressed that he had removed several barbecue from his yard and ordered his children not to play too, so as not to upset his neighbor, as a gesture of good neighbor, while the pioneers of social networking between supporters and opponents of the cause of Cardin.

Although the High Court in Western Australia rejected Cardin's complaint, she vowed to continue the legal complaint and confirmed that she could not sleep from the smell of meat and grilled fish, as well as the smell of cigarettes from her neighbor's yard.


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