Protesters confront settlers who stormed the village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, threatened with demolition

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

A group of settlers tried to storm the village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, east of occupied Jerusalem, to provoke citizens and protesters there, local Palestinian sources said Friday.

The sources indicated that the young protesters in the village confronted the settlers and prevented them from entering the village, forcing them to retreat to the main street near al-Khan al-Ahmar.

The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a petition for residents of the village of al-Khan al-Ahmar to revoke the court's decision, which was issued in May last May to demolish the village of some 200 Palestinian citizens, which has a school offering education services to 170 students, from several places in the area.

The village of al-Khan al-Ahmar is surrounded by several Israeli settlements, which are located within the territory targeted by the Israeli occupation authorities for the implementation of its "e1" settlement project, the implementation of which threatens to completely undermine the chances of implementing the two-state solution.


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