Netanyahu: We will soon apply sovereignty to the West Bank

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday morning to apply sovereignty to all settlements in the West Bank and full soon.

This came during the opening of the new school season in the settlement "Elkana" between Salfit and Nablus in the West Bank, in the presence of the so-called Education Minister Rafi Peretz.

"We will apply Jewish sovereignty to all communities (settlements) that are part of Israel," Netanyahu told students at the elementary school in the settlement. He added, "This is the land of Israel, and we have been here for thousands of years, we will not uproot anyone (settler) from here, there will be no more displacement."

The leaders of the settlement demanded Netanyahu to strengthen settlement, security and economy, praising his leadership "to Israel" despite all the security and political challenges.

One of them pointed to the recent approval of Netanyahu to build 300 new housing units, bringing the total number in recent years and a short period of time about a thousand units, in addition to the establishment of a new educational center.


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