Israeli newspapers highlight the Gaza explosions and the denial of the occupation army

Israeli newspapers and newspapers published on Wednesday morning, August 28, 2019, the news of the "martyrdom" of three members of the Palestinian police in two explosions in Gaza City , the Israeli army denied its relationship in this regard.
Israel Hume Newspaper:

 Three Palestinian policemen "killed" in explosions inside Gaza. Israel denies involvement.
Arab sources talk about an Egyptian request from Hamas not to interfere in the Iranian-Israeli conflict.
Dawood al-Zubaidi, brother of Zakaria al-Zubaidi, from Jenin refugee camp.
A man was stabbed in Ashkelon during a fight.
Walla News:
Two Palestinian policemen were killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli army denies shelling in Gaza.
Sources say that Hassan Nasrallah said he would not rush to respond to Israeli attacks.

 The Israeli finance minister gave orders to prevent the teachers' strike.
Yedioth Ahronoth:
Gaza: Three Palestinian policemen "killed", the IDF says, we have not bombed.
Lebanon: Hezbollah is planning to retaliate, and the Lebanese prime minister meets with the commander of international forces, and says, coordination with Israel continues.
Netanyahu asked to wait in the process of lowering the price of communications.
A man was killed in a fight in Ashkelon.
Member of the Iranian Foreign Minister's delegation to Paris seeking asylum.
Gaza Cover: The number of people going to aid centers has increased.
Maariv Newspaper:
Two Palestinian policemen were killed in Gaza, and the IDF denies any involvement.
The United States is preparing for direct negotiations with the Houthis.

 Cairo invited Hamas leaders to a meeting in Cairo and demanded a halt to the rocket fire.
Lieberman apologizes for the announcement of the arrest of the perpetrators of the "Dolev" settlement, and says: I take responsibility.
The IDF reveals the identity of the plotter of the Iranian hovercraft attack against Israel.
Hezbollah is preparing for a deliberate attack against Israel.
Satellite “Cannes 11”:
Three Palestinian policemen killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip.
Hezbollah deputy: We want to surprise Israel.
A man was killed in a fight in Ashkelon.
The Minister of Finance is preparing to issue orders against the Israeli Teachers Union.
Satellite 12 Hebrew:
Palestinian sources: two policemen killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli drones in Beirut: an intelligence operation or an Israeli attack?
Former Director General of Israeli Communications: Netanyahu took from every house and gave the contacts.

 To prevent the strike, the Minister of Finance issues a ban order to the Teachers Union.
Israel reveals direct responsibility for the preparation of the hovercraft.
The target of the drone attack on Beirut, a device linked to the production of precision-hit missiles.
An Israeli invention to control and rid the enemy drones.
Netanyahu asked me to wait for a price cut.
People close to Hezbollah: Hezbollah is planning a non-war response.
News about the United States is preparing for direct negotiations with the Houthis.
Satellite 13 Hebrew:
Palestinian police "killed" in a series of explosions in the Gaza Strip.
A man was killed in a fight in Ashkelon.
In light of the tension .. Thousands of hikers on the northern border. According to Madar News.

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