122 injured, including 50 by israeli live fire east of Gaza

A number of Palestinian civilians were injured on Friday when Israeli occupation forces suppressed the weekly marches organized by the National Authority for the Return and Breaking the Siege under the name "Juma Labba Ya Aqsa" along the Gaza Strip border.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, the medical staff dealt with a total of 122 injuries, including 50 Palestinians who were shot by live ammunition by the Israeli occupation forces and 3 paramedics.

The Ministry of Health said that among the injured three paramedics, a paramedic Mohammed Abdul Qader Abu Abdeh, was wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet by hand during his humanitarian work east of Bureij. The paramedic, Mustafa al-Sinwar, was wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the neck.

A medical source at al-Shifa Hospital said that one of the wounded, who was targeted in eastern Gaza, is in serious condition and is being treated by medical staff.

Thousands of people flocked along the border to take part in the marches, while youths threw balloons bearing pictures and names of Palestinian martyrs.


A number of Palestinian youths set fire to tires in a number of border areas, while the Israeli occupation forces opened fire on a number of youths when they threw stones and Molotov cocktails.

The Higher National Authority for the March and Breaking the Siege called on the Palestinian citizens to rally along the border in Jumaa 'Beik Ya Aqsa, in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in light of the repeated attacks from the occupation.


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