Jerusalem: General strike in Abu Dis in support of prisoners

Since the morning, the national forces have begun a full-scale strike in the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, in solidarity with the prisoners Hadifa Badr and Ismail Halabia and their hunger strikers.

The strike coincided with a hearing at the Court of Appeal in Ofer prison near Ramallah for prisoners of war, Badr and Halabia, who have been on hunger strike for 53 and 28 days.

In a statement, the national forces announced a day of anger and a full-scale strike in support of the prisoners and their companions, stressing their support and participation in activities supporting prisoners in various cities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the diaspora.

The forces demanded that the sit-in be permanently present in the sit-in tent with the prisoners, and activate solidarity with them to form a state of broad public participation, and not leave the prisoners alone in the face of the jailer, the official news agency said.

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