Photos| Gaza mourns the three martyrs

The bodies of three martyrs killed by the Israeli occupation forces on Sunday in the north-west border of the Gaza Strip.

The processions of the martyrs started from the Indonesian hospital towards Jabalya and Beit Lahia, to look farewell at them before performing the funeral prayer and bury them in the cemeteries near their homes.

The demonstrators raised the Palestinian flag and the flags of the factions, amid chanting angry slogans calling on the resistance to respond to the crime of targeting the three youths.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, the martyrs are: Mahmoud Adel Walaydeh (24 years), Mohammed Farid Abu Namos (27 years) and Mohammed Samir Tramsi (26 years), and their bodies arrived at the Indonesian hospital.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad condemned the continued occupation of youths at the border, where Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanou accused the occupation of continuing to use excessive force and committing organized crimes against the Palestinian people who are rebelling against the siege, injustice and terrorism in occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"This is a new heinous crime committed by the occupation by killing and wounding four youths, which reflects his brutal behavior."

He continued, "The state of anger and pressure experienced by our people will explode in the face of the occupation unless the siege on the Gaza Strip is lifted, and stop its crimes and organized terrorism and repeated incursions to the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

He continued, "The impotence and silence of the international community encourages the Zionist occupation to continue the siege on the Gaza Strip and commit more crimes and violations, which is contrary to international and humanitarian laws."

Islamic Jihad blamed the occupation for its heinous crimes against the Palestinian people.

The movement affirmed the right of the Palestinian people to resist and confront all forms of Israeli aggression.


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