Google and Apple are courting college students with a new set of tools

The new semester is approaching and major technology companies are wasting no time in using the occasion to make new offers to the education sector.


Google announced the expansion of its college search feature, which it provided more than a year ago. Although this feature has previously allowed for the scrutiny of many of the four-year undergraduate programs, Sitaram Ayr of Google says the feature now also shows the results of two-year colleges and affiliated degree and certification programs available in institutions that last. four years".

The tool works similar to Google's job search feature, but focuses on helping students find a university that suits their professional interests and aspirations. Coordinated university information will appear directly in search results when you search for a college (it appears to be limited to US users).

Searching for universities lets you explore a wide range of undergraduate programs and compare details such as cost, graduation rates and campus culture.

Most of the data is from the US Department of Education's College Record and the Post-Secondary Integrated Education Data System

The University Search feature is one of many new additions to Google's Education Toolkit.

A few days ago, the company introduced Assignments, an application that integrates the functions of Google Docs, Drive and Search to help teachers simplify the classification process.

It also announced a set of tools, called "Classroom", to help students identify research gaps, enhance collaboration and improve communication with teachers.

Google is not the only technology giant to target the education sector. Carry a physical wallet.

This feature will be available at Georgetown, Duke and Johns Hopkins Universities.


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