US Congressman Rachida Talib said on Friday that her visit to the country was canceled under conditions of repression by Israel.

Tlaib said in a tweet via Twitter, that she decided to cancel her visit to the country, adding that the visit of her grandmother in these repressive circumstances, contrary to what she believes, against racism, oppression and injustice.

Tlaib said she refuses to silence her and treat her as a criminal.

Earlier on Friday, Hebrew media reported that Israeli Interior Minister Arieh Deri had agreed to a request by Rachida Tlaib to visit her family in Ramallah after being refused a political visit with Ilhan Omar.

The site "Yediot Aharonot", it was decided to allow Tlaib to visit after I applied for "humane", to visit her grandmother, aged 90 years.

Talib made the request that she said this was probably her last chance to see her grandmother, vowing not to make any political statements, especially that she was anti-Israel.

Yesterday, Talib and Omar were prevented from entering Israel under the pretext of their positions rejecting the occupation and supporting the international boycott.


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