The IDF is canceling exercises because of the budget August

The Israeli army is canceling special training for reserve soldiers, scheduled for this year, for budgetary reasons.
The newspaper Haaretz Hebrew, on Tuesday morning, it was informed senior reserve officers to stop the exercises, including for the ground division, which should participate in the fighting in the southern region "Gaza ."
The IDF attributes the cancellation to changes led by Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, uncertainty over the budget plan, and the absence of a firm government so far.
The paper pointed to the cancellation of some of the exercises already, and some are limited to officers without soldiers, while studying the cancellation of exercises for the reserve artillery.
An army spokesman said the cancellation of the exercise was due to Kochavi's decisions, which have caused extraordinary budgetary costs since becoming chief of staff, and the lack of a budget for the next five years. He pointed out that the preparations for the Gaza war demanded by Kochavi were much higher than expected. He explained that some of the exercises will remain the same but in part and according to priorities.
According to the newspaper, the decision was made to cancel the exercises on the assumption that the cancellation will not affect the readiness of these units for war. But senior officers said their units had not been trained this year, hurting the operational competence of the fighting teams.
The multi-year budget approved under the Gideon program ends in 2020, and because of successive elections, the government has not yet approved a budget plan for the next five years.If it is not approved before the beginning of next year, the defense budget will be built on a monthly basis, which may make it difficult The military should plan long-term activities.

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