An additional $ 600 .. for the "foldable iPhone"

Despite the catastrophic failure of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone, Apple's customers and customers want iPhone foldable devices.

Not only that, but they expressed willingness to pay more money to get such a device from Apple, according to a survey of customers of the company.

More than a third of the respondents surveyed for folding phones said they would retreat from the phone, CNBC reported.

In return, Apple's customers expressed willingness to pay an additional $ 600 for a foldable iPhone, according to the site Mashable on technology and business news.

Apple customers' willingness to pay extra for a foldable phone seems odd, but at the same time it is customary. The question is not whether people will buy a foldable iPhone, they have stressed that, as long as those phones will not turn into a disaster, as happened with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier this summer.

It seems that Apple is trying to make the next iPhone, which will be launched in the year 2020, compatible with the fifth generation network, and it is tempting to be those devices foldable.

It is noteworthy that this news comes after reports that Apple's share in the smartphone market has declined, ranking fourth behind South Korea's Samsung, Huawei and Chinese Oppo.

It is believed that the main reason for this is that Apple customers keep their old devices instead of buying new models from the iPhone because of the high prices.


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