Samsung Unveils New Note 10 Phone

Samsung has unveiled a new version of its Galaxy Note 5G smartphone with improved camera features, in the hope that this distinctive model will help it revive its declining profits and widen the gap with rival Huawei.

Samsung Electronics emerged as the biggest beneficiary of Huawei's second-quarter troubles, with a jump in smartphone sales of nearly 7 percent, with the Chinese company dropping in the global market after the United States listed it in a US blacklist for trade in May. .

Focusing on improved video and imaging features that have helped Huawei become the world's second-largest smartphone vendor, Samsung hopes the Galaxy Note-10 will be well received by YouTube users and social media.

In addition to the company's first foldable phone, the Note-10, a large-screen phone unveiled in New York on Wednesday, is the most important new product of the South Korean company in the second half of this year.

Available in 6.3 and 6.8-inch displays, the phone is equipped with enhanced video effects such as augmented reality and a front camera at the top of the screen to enhance selfies.

The Note-10 will be priced at $ 949.99, while the Note-10 Plus will be priced at $ 1,099. The fifth-generation model will start at $ 1,299.99.


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