Tunisia: Electoral Commission cancels 66 presidential candidates

The Independent High Electoral Commission of Tunisia has canceled at least 66 candidates for early presidential elections, out of a total of 98.

A member of the Commission Anis Jarboui, on Tuesday, that the Board of the Commission began a meeting since the morning and will remain open until midnight to confirm the corrections related to the recommendations.

"Overall, more than 66 candidates will leave the race because the conditions are not met," Jarboui told Mosaic private radio.

Among the prerequisites for running for the presidential election are to collect at least 10,000 recommendations directly from the people, or a number of recommendations from MPs or members of municipal councils.

The Commission will announce on Wednesday the preliminary list of candidates accepted for the race, while the remaining rejected candidates will be allowed to challenge the decision of the Commission, with the final list to be announced on August 31.

Campaigning is scheduled to begin on September 2 and continue until the 13th of the same month, with elections on the 15th of the same month.


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