West Bank: Occupation arrests 8 Palestinians

Israeli troops arrested four palestinians early Saturday, one of whom was hit by a rubber-coated metal bullet during clashes with the israeli occupation town of Issawiya in the east of jerusalem.

Clashes broke out on al-Tur Street in the town, during which the Occupying Forces fired "rubber" bullets and sound bombs at the youths, injuring a young man from the Yasini family in the foot before being arrested and another citizen of the Al-Taweel family.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested cousins Mohammed Haitham Mustafa and Mohammed Bakr Mustafa late yesterday while they were in their groceries near the entrance to Al-Dhahra in the first town of Issawiya.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested four palestinians, including a woman from the town of Beit Kahal, north of Hebron, and beat others and seized a vehicle for one of the detainees.

According to local sources, the israeli occupation forces arrested the two men: Akrama Saleh Khalil Jaber al-Asfara( 28), his brother Nasr (20), Qassim Aref Khalil Jaber al-Asfara (30) and his wife Inas Nabil Al-Asfara (26) and the vehicle of the detained young man Qassim al-Asfara.

Israeli soldiers beat the brothers Zaid and Ahmed Aref al-Assaa and were taken to hospital for treatment, the sources said.

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