Ashrawi: The international community should impose sanctions on Israel because of the settlements

A member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hanan Ashrawi, condemned on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, laying the foundation stone for a new neighborhood in the settlement of Beit El, including the construction of (650) housing units, That carried intentional falsification of facts and history and turned the reality of reality upside down.

Ashrawi said in a statement: This colonial behavior of the settler Netanyahu comes in the context of propaganda for the upcoming Israeli elections, which always take place between the extremist forces and hostile to peace at the expense of the rights, lives and capabilities of our people, this settlement escalation in the occupied West Bank confirms the nature and form of successive colonial and expansionist occupation governments It is based on ethnic cleansing, forced displacement, theft of land, resources and property, defying international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, strengthening the presence of extremist settlers and imposing "Greater Israel" on historic Palestine.

She pointed out that the construction of this new neighborhood comes with US political, legal and financial cover.This settlement received support from the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, and the husband of the daughter of US President Jared Kouchner, who donated it to promote settlement there at the expense of usurped Palestinian lands.

Ashrawi noted that the settlement escalation follows the condemnation of the countries of the world, including the European Union, Britain and Turkey, for the approval of the so-called Planning and Construction Committee of the Israeli Civil Administration to build 2304 settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

She said: These crimes underline the need for the international community to adopt a punitive program and effective steps to hold Israel accountable for its repudiation and violation of international and humanitarian law.


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