Israeli soldier killed south of Bethlehem and signs of "kidnapping"

The Israeli army and the Shin Bet formed an investigation cell into the stabbing of an Israeli soldier, south of Bethlehem, at dawn on Thursday, amid indications of an attempted kidnapping, during which he was killed.

The Israeli army found the body of soldier Dvir Sorek (18 years) from the settlement of "Ofra" and Wids in the religious school in the settlement of "Efrat", with stabbing marks, in the "Migdal Oz" within the "Gush Etzion" settlement south of Bethlehem.

A spokesman for the Israeli army that the dead was in the first stage of a recruitment path for the army for the religious.

According to Hebrew media that the soldier's family informed the army of the loss of contact with him at midnight, and the army began a search and sweeping wide until his phone was found at two o'clock in the vicinity of the settlement "Neve Daniel", and about 75 minutes after his body was found northeast "Migdal Oz".

The correspondent of Channel 13 Hebrew that the soldier was kidnapped by a car, was later killed and dumped his body where it was found.

The website of the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" that the soldier has not started his military service yet, and was killed at the entrance to "kibbutz", and pointed out that the army is investigating whether there was a kidnapping attempt during which he was killed.

The Hebrew Channel VII reported that the dead student at the school "Yeshia" for religious extremists in the settlement "Efrat", has lost its effects last night and was found dead at dawn today, and the effects of stab wounds.

The dead soldier is the grandson of an Israeli rabbi who was killed in 2000 in a shooting attack near the Ebal mountains near Nablus.

The site pointed out that the widespread deployment of military forces in search of Palestinians believed to have carried out the attack.


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