Allegations reveal when Huawei will launch a new phone with a special operating system!

Reports said that Huawei plans to launch a phone supported with its own operating system later this year after Google stopped supporting Android on its phones following the ban. Last.

The new smartphone, which will cost around £ 230, is expected to use the Hongmeng operating system.

The operating system version, designed for use on TVs, watches and smartphones, will be on August 9, Global Times revealed.

The "Google" it will stop supporting the "Android" on the devices, "Huawei", the program that runs the company's phones. This means that new versions of Huawei will not be able to access Google applications as part of Android, such as Google Maps or YouTube.

Previously, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said HongmengOS would be 60% faster than Android, but admitted the company still lacked a good app store.

He also pointed out that Hongmeng will be a global operating system distributed on multiple IoT devices, but the possibility of competing with "Android" or MacOS is a mistake at the moment. .

The source said: "Huawei" new phones equipped with HongMeng system will appear in the fourth quarter of the year, with up to several million units in stores.


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