"Israel" continues to detain the bodies of 298 Palestinian martyrs

According to "National Campaign" to recover the bodies of martyrs, that the occupation authorities, "Israeli" is still holding the bodies of 253 martyrs in the "Tombs of numbers" and 45 in the refrigerators of the occupation police.

The national campaign coordinator, Salwa Hammad, said in remarks on Monday that the popular and official efforts to release the bodies continue. She pointed to other concurrent efforts to internationalize the issue of martyrs whose bodies are being held.

She explained that the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared a plan to demand the release of the bodies of martyrs detained.

The National Day for the Redemption of the Martyrs' Martyrs, on the 27th of August, will witness several popular events to commemorate this day and to join the efforts of the national campaign and the families of the martyrs to demand their release.

The list of killed martyrs includes their bodies in the refrigerators of the occupation and the graves of numbers; since the uprising in Jerusalem in October 2015, about 45 martyrs from Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza Strip; the oldest martyr Abdul Hamid Sorour; since 15 April 2016.

The occupation authorities are holding about 253 martyrs in special graves called "graves of numbers." The occupation had buried 4 martyrs in those graves, after their bodies were being held in refrigerators.

Israeli authorities have been pursuing a policy of detaining the bodies of Palestinian martyrs for many years, in an attempt to use this file as a pressure card on the Palestinian resistance, and recently trying to use it to work to recover its soldiers captured in the Gaza Strip.

On 27 February 2018, the Israeli parliament approved the preliminary reading of the same law by a majority of 57 members of the Knesset, against the opposition of 11 deputies and the rest abstaining.

The law grants the Israeli police the authority to continue to hold the bodies of the martyrs and to impose conditions on their relatives in the event of their release. It concerns the date of release, the funeral procession, the timing, place and manner of burial.

Under the bill, "the police do not return the bodies to their families, unless it is confirmed that the funeral does not turn into a theater for incitement or to support terrorism."

Al-Arqam is a closed military cemetery in which the Israeli occupation authorities hold the remains of Palestinian and Arab martyrs. Are kept secret and do not publish any personal information concerning the owners of these graves.


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