At least 9 killed in two attacks in Afghanistan

At least two people were killed in a bomb attack on an Afghan television station on Sunday, while seven policemen were killed in Kandahar in an "attack by Taliban loyalists.

The attacks come amid mounting violence in Afghanistan despite negotiations in Doha between the United States and the Taliban to try to reach a peace deal in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry, Nasrat Rahimi, said that a "sticky bomb" was placed on a bus carrying Khurshid TV employees, which led to an explosion in the Timani area, in central Kabul.

Two pedestrians were killed and four wounded, including two employees of Khorshid TV.

Photos showing on social networks showed a small white bus and its head was damaged.

The journalist at the station Zabihullah Durandish, that three of his colleagues were injured, saying that the security services had warned earlier in the possibility of targeting the Taliban them.

In June, the Taliban threatened to target media outlets that broadcast propaganda against the movement.

On Twitter, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani considered the bus bombing a "war crime".

"I strongly condemn the attack on the Khurshid station, and the deliberate targeting of the media and civilians is a war crime and those responsible will be held accountable," he wrote in a tweet.

"I can not express my sorrow for your loss," he said.

In Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, at least seven policemen were killed by fire from comrades believed to be pro-Taliban.

The attack took place at a police checkpoint, where eight Taliban delegates took part in a police checkpoint, killing seven policemen and injuring one, said Jamal Nasser Parkzai, spokesman for Kandahar state police chief.

"Mendesaw fled the Taliban and we deployed additional troops in the area," he said.

Another security official said the toll was 11, while the movement said its killers had killed 14 "militants".


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