Israel is rebuilding four outposts and 2,430 new housing units in the West Bank and Jerusalem

 Israel's planning and construction committee in the West Bank and East Jerusalem will promote the construction of 2,430 housing units, the Israeli left-wing organization Peace Now said Friday.

The Maariv newspaper quoted Peace Now as saying that four settlements, some of which were evacuated, would be rebuilt, without giving details.

According to the organization, 354 units will be built in the settlement of Nili, 346 in Beit El, 194 in Ganei Modi'in, 132 in Kfar Adumim, 94 in Beit Hagai, 66 in Efrat, 61 in Allen Shvut, 51 in Shilo, and 29 in Antiel And 18 in Ma'aleh Adumim, while the rest are distributed among small settlements within large settlement blocs.

The Israeli cabinet has agreed in principle to build 715 housing units for Palestinians in Area C, which is under Israeli sovereignty.


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