How to prevent Apple from listening to your recordings on ´Siri´?

 Many users are asking how best to maintain their privacy when using the iPhone's voice help service, Siri, after reports that Apple servers have kept user registrations.

A report in The Guardian last week highlighted concerns about Siri's recordings, which put users' privacy at risk.

While Apple responded to the report that only 1 percent of Siri's operations are being reviewed by humans and that user identities are not associated with them, while many users are demanding that they be able to cancel Siri records stored on company servers Camel.

The Guardian report was based on a source alleged to be an Apple contractor working on "sorting" data in Siri by listening to user registrations.

However, whistleblowers have raised concerns about private conversations, which are heard by contractors during the process and that names, location, contacts and other data are accompanied by registrations and may be misused by contractors.

According to the specialist website 9to5Mac, users can follow some steps to prevent Apple from listening to your Siri recordings.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to GitHub to download a file called Prevent server-side logging of Siri commands.mobileconfig.

2. Go to Raw view, and click Allow to download the profile.

3. Complete the profile installation in the settings by reviewing it and clicking Install.


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