Researchers expect a sweeping wave of cancerous diseases worldwide

Researchers from Germany predict that cancer will increase globally in the future, especially in developing and emerging countries, researchers from Germany have predicted.

"It's no exaggeration to say that we are going through a tsunami, from cancer," said Michael Baumann, chairman of the German Cancer Research Center, Monday in Dresden.

The German Center for Cancer Research, based in Heidelberg, plans to establish a branch in Dresden.

Baumann predicts that new cancer infections will also increase in Germany, from about 500,000 a year now to some 600,000 new infections in 2030. The president of the center did not cherish this expected increase in population development alone, but also lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity .

Bauman said that an agreement was signed on Monday to establish the new center, "because we need more research, we need to know more facts about cancer injuries."


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