Israeli human rights: Army admits to ´implicitly´ killing protesters in Gaza after injuring them in the "knee":

 The Israeli army has implicitly admitted that a number of demonstrators on the Gaza Strip border were killed by snipers in the knee area at the top of the foot.

Attorney Roni Bailey of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), who filed a petition with three other associations in April last year, filed a petition with the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the shooting of demonstrators in clear violation of international law.

The court ignored attempts by institutions to prevent the killing of more protesters, she said, and praised the army's account for allegedly firing at key instigators and participants in what it called "violence" on the border.

She noted that the army changed the rules of fire to ease the killings, after a UN report and the formation of an international commission of inquiry into the events on the border, and considered this change as an implicit recognition that the shootings on the "knee" caused the killing of at least 39 protesters, Change in the rules of fire, does not mean that the basic problem is over.

Ronnie Bailey confirmed that the shootings are contrary to international law, which allows killings only if the soldiers are in danger. Gaza has been subjected to a number of violations, including the blockade, restrictions on the movement of patients and the implementation of a long-term collective punishment policy in clear violation of international law.

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