Farwana: The occupation has arrested 520 children since the beginning of this year

The Israeli occupation forces have arrested some 520 children since the beginning of this year, or 16.5 percent of the total, during the same period, Palestinian prisoner Abdel Nasser Farwana said Tuesday.

Farwana added that there was a significant decline in the number of children detained, adding that in the first seven months of last year, 720 children were arrested, amounting to 17.8% of the total arrests.

He pointed out that the policy of systematic detention against children is still ongoing. There are 220 children who are in Israeli prisons.

He pointed out that the extent of violations and the imposition of fines and domestic imprisonment and torture against children has risen so fast that it requires standing before it and serious action to save children.

Farwana added that "the reality that the occupation must recognize is that these arrests and the accompanying incidents have increased the children's hatred and desire to retaliate against them. Israel is mistaken when it believes that achieving its security and stability comes through its arrest of defenseless citizens, or that targeting children and repressive measures against them will eradicate the spirit of resistance And security and stability will only be achieved by ending the occupation. "


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