UN: Israeli occupation killed 56 children last year

The Israeli occupation killed 56 children last year in the Palestinian territories, according to a UN report on the protection of children in areas of armed conflict.

According to the report published by the newspaper "Haaretz", the number of dead Palestinian children reached 59, including 56 by the Israeli army.

The report shows that 2756 Palestinian children were wounded, including 2674 injured by the Israeli army during demonstrations, confrontations and arrest campaigns.

The report pointed out that this number is the largest since 2014.

In his annual report to the Security Council, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, called on Israel to take immediate preventive and defensive measures to stop the excessive use of force. Calling on all Palestinian parties to refrain from encouraging the participation of children in what he described as "acts of violence".

Despite the report, Israel was not included in the black list of countries classified in the report.


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