B´Tselem: The occupation deliberately kills demonstrators in Gaza without justification

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights (B'Tselem) accused the Israeli army of deliberately killing Palestinian demonstrators with orders from the Israeli command of snipers along the Gaza Strip border during peaceful weekly marches to break the siege.

The center said in a report yesterday that hundreds of Palestinians were killed and thousands were wounded by the policy of unlawful fire applied by "Israel" in the demonstrations "return marches" in the Gaza Strip, which was approved by the High Court of Justice.

He said: official bodies in "Israel" admits that it was well aware that "there are those who were killed in these demonstrations without any justification, even from the Israeli point of view."

"However, none of the Israeli officials assigned himself to change the instructions. The Israeli army continued to work in a trial and error manner, as if the Palestinians were not human beings who were killed by live bullets and wounded, and their lives and the lives of their families were destroyed forever."

He pointed out that it was revealed a few days ago that "the official Israeli authorities have been aware all the time a gap between the statements of officials and reality."

He continued, "Karmila Menashe," Hadshout Kan "reporter, that the army has now decided to change the firing instructions issued for the sniper" after it was found that the correction on the lower body and above the knee, the cause of death in most cases, although this was not the intention, From now on they are going to be under the knee as a last resort and later they are told to ankle. "

"A senior officer in the so-called counterterrorism college of the Israeli occupation army said that the snipers' goal is not to kill, but to strike. Therefore, one of the lessons learned concerns the direction of the correction ... At first we told them to aim at the legs and when we found that this caused death we told them to shoot To below the knee and later we set the instructions more and said the correction to the ankle. "

He stressed that "the decision to change the fire regulations at this late time and after its implementation for more than a year and caused the death of at least 206 Palestinians, including 37 minors and wounded thousands does not mean that the occupation army attaches great value to human life, but reversed That's it. "

He stressed that this indicates that the army of occupation chose with full consciousness not to be considered on the other side of human beings, and that the Israeli Supreme Court has artificially ratified this speech and ratified it, and those who bear responsibility for this criminal policy.

Since March 30, 2018, Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches near the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 to demand the return of the refugees to their abandoned towns and villages in 1948 and to break the siege on Gaza.

"From the very beginning, and even since the first demonstration was announced, Israel has known the demonstrations as an existential threat and considered the participants dangerous," said B'Tselem.

"From this point of view, since the first demonstration, the Israeli army has applied a lethal, illegal and unethical policy of waving a black flag. It has permitted the firing of live bullets at demonstrators on the other side of the strip and does not pose a threat to anyone."


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