Samsung fixes Galaxy´s folding flaws and sets the launch date

Samsung, the world's largest electronics maker, announced Thursday that it has completed improvements to its revolutionary smartphone and has set its launch date.

Samsung said the improved version of Galaxy will be ready for launch in "specific markets" starting in September, noting that it has made a number of improvements to the design of the phone, including "additional enhancements."

Samsung launched the Galaxy Bold, estimated at about $ 2,000, in February, accompanied by a big bang, as the folding phone ushered in a new era of smart phone design, according to the site, "Mashabel" on the news technology.

However, when it distributed the equipment to journalists in April, many people involved in the review of the phone were quick to report serious problems with the device. The company immediately placed the device on the waiting rack, and rumors of design flaws and planned repairs have spread since then.

But the company now says it has implemented a series of "design and chassis improvements" on the folding phone. Among these improvements and modifications, according to Samsung, the upper layer of the Infiniti Flex screen has been extended beyond the frame, making it an integral part of The display structure is not intended to be removed.

The enhanced device has additional enhancements to protect it better from external particles while maintaining folding capability. The top and bottom of the hinge area has been reinforced with new protective covers, and additional metal layers have been included at the bottom of the screen for further protection as well as new changes to the device Which would prevent it from collapsing (temporary holidays).


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