Huawei develops an ecosystem for server chips

China's Huawei Technology Co. will invest 3 billion yuan (about 436 million US dollars) in the next five years to develop an ecosystem of AMD-based server chips and products, the China Daily reported on Wednesday. Supplementation.

According to Xu Huijun, Huawei's periodic president, investment will be used to enhance the company's IT infrastructure and create different applications based on the Konping 920, the CPU that was unveiled last January.

Huawei will focus on the development of a high-performance "Conning" series of chips, offering high-quality cloud products and high-quality intelligence products based on those chips, Xu said.

Instead of selling chips as a stand-alone product, Huawei will only sell its own CPU servers, which can be used for large data, distributed storage, and native AMD processors.

Dany Mo, analyst at Forrester Market Research, said the chips based on the ARM processors are for private companies that can be a good complement to Huawei's computing companies.

"Huawei is moving in the right direction by stepping up efforts to develop an ARM-based ecosystem, including software and applications," Mo said.

Huawei sold more than 900,000 servers worldwide in 2018, bringing total shipments in the past six years to 3.56 million units.


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