After the divorce .. Miss Russian beauty challenges the "test of paternity"

 After the former King of Malaysia emulator announced that his client had officially divorced his wife, the former Russian beauty queen, close associates announced that she was defying the king by "testing paternity".

The lawyer of the former King of Malaysia, Sultan Mohamed V, officially announced, the evening, that his client divorced Ryana Oksana Vojvodina, after a marriage lasted months, and produced a child.

Counsel stated that there was no objective evidence yet of the identity of the biological father of the child.

Vojvodina did not like this. The Daily Mail reported on Thursday that her marriage was still valid.

They said the former Russian beauty queen was angry at the talk that the child might have another father.

Vojvodina, 27, lives with her child in a country house near the Russian capital of Moscow, and demands an official apology from the former king of Malaysia.

One friend said that the question of another person's paternity of the child was nothing but "nonsense".

She was quoted as saying that if the former king had doubts, the DNA test could be performed to determine the child's ratios, also known as the "paternity test"

The Russian beauty queen confirmed that she was ready to order.

Malaysians were surprised by the wedding of former Malaysian King Sultan Mohammed V, 50, and Rianna Oksana Vojvodina, in the Russian capital last November.

King Sultan relinquished the throne in January.

It was the first time a king had abdicated in Malaysia since independence from Britain in 1957.

The couple had a son named Ismael Leon, who now lives with his mother in Moscow.


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