Japan expresses its concern at the Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes

The Japanese government on Thursday expressed concern that the Israeli occupation forces demolished Palestinian homes in the occupied city of Jerusalem.


"Japan firmly believes that the issues facing the two parties, Israel and Palestine, can only be resolved through direct negotiations based on trust built through the efforts of the parties," a statement from the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

"These Israeli practices are contrary to the ongoing efforts of the international community, including Japan, to create an environment conducive to serious dialogue between the two parties and the achievement of a two-state solution where the State of Israel and an independent Palestinian state coexist peacefully in the future," the statement said.

"Japan strongly urges both parties to work to enhance mutual trust and continue to make vigorous efforts towards peace," the statement stressed,

On Monday, Israeli bulldozers demolished several buildings at a time in Wadi al-Homs in Sur Baher, south of Jerusalem, after evacuating residents.

It should be noted that the demolished buildings in question are located in a Palestinian Authority area and have been granted building permits from the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government.

On Thursday, the High Court of Justice accepted the decision to demolish it and rejected a petition filed by homeowners against the demolition.

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces demolished 12 buildings, including more than 70 housing units, on the grounds that they were built near the separation wall built by the Israeli occupation authorities to separate the occupied Palestinian territories from the West Bank.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, which adopted the army's view, building near the separation fence could pose a real threat to Israeli security.



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