Israeli soldiers received training to test a new weapon against Gaza demonstrators

In recent months, the Israeli army has trained its soldiers on the Gaza Strip border with a new sniper rifle, according to a report published by the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth on Tuesday.

According to the report, which focused mainly on the new weapons in the hands of the army, and the training received by members of the special forces on the new sniper weapon, which was used on the border of the Gaza Strip.

A senior Israeli officer said that during sniper activity on the Gaza border, officers in the operating room receive statements about sniper fire from the field, who fired, injured and failed. Pointing out that during this change the means of fire through its method and the use of sniper protection and other training methods.

The officer pointed out that the soldier who is not enough to achieve successes, is transferred from the unit. Claiming that their goal is not murder but abuse only.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, 250 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded by snipers on the border of the Gaza Strip in recent months. Referring to the return marches and the breaking of the weekly siege.

"One of the lessons of that exercise was that the soldiers were told to shoot the leg and they could have been killed, so we were asking them to shoot under the knee or on the ankles," the officer said.

According to Yedioth, the new sniper weapon, which has entered elite units in the army, is very sophisticated, achieves great accuracy and can carry a silencer.

The Israeli army also provided a robot through which the tunnels could be handled, opened and inspected before soldiers entered.


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