Gaza: 5 injured by israeli gunfire after march in rejection of siege

On Monday, five palestinians were injured by Israeli fire as they participated in a march to protest the continuation of the Israeli blockade.

The occupying forces opened fire at the demonstrators after they arrived in the "Mlaka" area east of Gaza City. The injured were taken to Shifa Hospital, and among the injured was photojournalist Mohammed al-Arabid.

A march of dozens of trucks, carrying a number of citizens on board, came out in rejection of israel's 13-year siege of the Gaza Strip.
The march, called "Returns." We will break the siege", from the Hamouda junction in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, towards The Queen's Roundabout to the east of Gaza City, crossing the Main Salah al-Din road.

The participants carried the Palestinian flag and banners calling for the lifting of the siege, which they described as "unjust" against the Gaza Strip. Pointing to its significant impact on the realities of the national economy.

This comes at a time when a strike by the Contractors' Union has paralysed all UNRWA projects in Gaza in protest against the agency's policies in paying off accumulated debts to companies.

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