Google adds new features awaited by Android owners

Google has just unveiled the next wave of updates that will make Bluetooth device management better compatible with the Android system.

Over the past few years, the company has consistently developed Bluetooth Fast Pair features.

The biggest update is said to come "later this year" and will add deeper support to wireless headsets running on the Android system.

After this update, the headset will be able to view battery life data and each headset independently, and this information will appear when you open or close its enclosure.

Mobile-related headsets will also start appearing in an application. Look for Google's Find My Device soon.

This feature will facilitate tracking missing headphones in the future, as well as offering the option to unplug lost audio devices.

Google adds a new user interface in Android Q Android Q to manage the headsets that support quick coupling, which will develop features of the management of the Jha, Google Assistant settings, and battery life (including the above wireless battery information), and links to third-party management applications all in place One.

A spokesman for Google said the Virgin Technology site that the new features will appear for all the headsets Quick coupling, a list includes Google Pixels Badz and QoA on the air, and Lebratton, and Bose Kuwait Comfort 35 second generation, and other headsets.


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