More than 1,000 firefighters are fighting fires in central Portugal

More than 1,000 firefighters have battled eight people in a mountainous region of central Portugal, where more than 100 people died in 2017 in fires.

"One of the injured was seriously wounded by a civilian," said Luis Belo Costa, the civil defense chief in the central area. He added that three of the seven wounded firemen were injured in a collision between two cars.

More than 1,100 firefighters and 400 firefighters were on fire at the Civil Defense site.

The army said it would also send reinforcements. He said in a statement that the chief of staff would send 20 soldiers and four mechanisms to "open roads to facilitate the arrival of firefighters" to the scene.

About 20 planes and helicopters were sent on Saturday but stopped flying in the forested area, where 114 people were killed in two deadly fires in June and October 2017.

Portugal is still under fire, and firefighters are making arduous efforts to avoid their recurrence.

The forest fires, driven by strong winds, advanced on Saturday afternoon on three fronts in hard-to-reach areas in Castelo Branco, 200 km north of Lisbon.

Belo Costa said one of the fires had been cordoned off by 90 percent, but the second in the Villa de Rey area was more worrying.

Several villages were evacuated in preventive action.

Portuguese President Marcelo Ribeolo de Souza expressed his "solidarity with hundreds of people fighting the fires" in a letter posted on the presidential website.

Temperatures fell in parts of Western Europe on Sunday, giving vent to residents of areas hit by a severe heatwave for about a week.


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