Break the London police account on Twitter

Unknown assailants broke into the London police account on Twitter late on Friday, triggering a series of strange tweets, some of which called for the release of the rapper, a news report said on Saturday. Deja de.

The news agency Press Association quoted the British Metropolitan Police say that the hackers were able to enter the platform, "My News Disk" and not the infrastructure of information technology central.

London police apologized to the accountants and said they were looking into the incident.

Rappa Dega, 17, whose real name is Reese Herbert, was arrested last year along with four others after being arrested with baseball batons and machetes who were planning to use them to attack an opponent group, Press Press reported.

Dija De sings a kind of rap called "Drill", which often promotes weapons, drugs and violence. Deja de and other rap singers have already been banned from making music that promotes violence and have been ordered to inform the police when they plan to publish new videos or stage concerts.


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