Israeli newspaper headlines

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Labor Party announced Sunday that it would boycott the Labor Party, The party of Ehud Barak to reach the discount rate.



Labor Party leader Amir Peretz: We will not participate in a government led by Netanyahu

The Gecher party led by Levi Abecassis will enter the next election in a joint list with Labor

About 20 thousand people demonstrate in Tel Aviv to protest the cancellation of music festivals in nature by the police

Trump: US Navy shot down a small Iranian aircraft march in the Strait of Hormuz


Maariv newspaper:

Tensions in the Gulf: Trump announces that the US Navy dropped an Iranian marlin aircraft in the Strait of Hormuz

Labor and the Jecher party are on a joint list in the upcoming elections

Amir Peretz to Maariv: Geizer will get three seats in the top ten

Amir Peretz refuses to form a left-wing coalition with Meretz


Israel Today:

Union of Labor and Gesher - Amir Peretz and Orly Levy in a joint list that may be in favor of Netanyahu and against Barak and Meretz

Labor and Meretz will not unite in one list

Benny Gantz: "Orly Levy congratulates her return to the political arena

Trump: US Navy shot down an Iranian aircraft march in the Strait of Hormuz


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