Human rights center: 628 violations on the Gaza border during the first half of this year

Gaza - Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights monitored 628 violations by the Israeli occupation forces in the buffer zone on the eastern and northern borders of the Gaza Strip during the first half of this year 2019.

According to statistics of the Center, these attacks were distributed between 261 targeting workers and their properties, 183 targeting peaceful protests, 30 arrests, 27 incursions and other violations.

The statistics show that the occupation killed 32 citizens in that area, 27 of them during the return marches, including 10 children, 9 of them in those marches, and one woman in the same protests, while 3610 of them, 1205 children, Women, the vast majority of them in peaceful protests on the border.

According to the statistics, the occupation arrested 56 citizens during the arrests carried out in that area, including 15 children.

These violations caused damage to 229 houses, 32 vehicles and 104 public, commercial and industrial facilities.

The report accused the occupation of systematic violations of the right of the Palestinians and the destruction and impoverishment of the structure of the Palestinian economy, as well as the continued imposition of a buffer zone, in flagrant violation of the rules of international law.

He stressed that the total number of Israeli violations committed has exacerbated the suffering of Palestinian civilians in the area, restricting access to land (the buffer zone) and deprived hundreds of workers in the agricultural and industrial sectors from using their facilities for fear of being bulldozed and severely damaged, forcing many of them to retire from the profession and join the ranks of the unemployed. about job.

PCHR condemned these violations, which continue under the silence of the international community, who said that the absence of an effective role, especially the parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, encourages the occupation forces to continue to commit grave violations against Palestinians.

PCHR called on the international community to shoulder its legal and moral responsibilities and to provide international protection to Palestinians in the Palestinian territories, to activate legal accountability tools and to prosecute and punish perpetrators.


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