Poll reveals Netanyahu´s need for Lieberman in his new cabinet

An opinion poll in Israel showed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs the support of his former army minister, Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman, to form a new government.

A new poll in Israel, according to a survey conducted by the channel "Kisht" and published by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation results, the right-wing camp, without the Israel Beitenu, will get 55 seats in the 120-seat Knesset, meaning Netanyahu's inability to form Government coalition.

Lieberman resigned as army minister in October to protest a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip . Since then, he has been attacking Netanyahu's policies.

The poll showed Netanyahu's Likud party would win 31 seats, while the White House party would win 30 seats.
The poll also showed that the "joint list" party will get 11 seats and "Yisrael Beitenu" has 10 seats and "work" on six seats.

The Netanyahu party had issued the results of the last election with 36 seats, compared to 35 seats for the "white blue."
Israel is preparing for new elections in September, after the current Knesset was dissolved due to Netanyahu's failure to form a new government following elections in April.

Netanyahu was counting on the support of right-wing parties to form a government, but failed to form, and attributed that at the time that "all blocs almost put impossible applications are incompatible with each other."

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