20 years later .. Monica Lewinsky talks about "the experience of the White House"

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has returned to the fore via a tweet on Twitter that has caught the attention of many.

It began on Saturday, when American psychiatrist and writer Adam Grant wrote a question on his official Twitter account asking followers to answer.

"What is the worst professional advice I've ever addressed?" Grant asked.

Before awaiting the answers of the recruits, Grant cited some of his worst advice:

- Do not waste your time helping others.

- Give up 90 percent of your projects because you can not do more than one thing at the same time.

- Do not make a book.

It generated more than 3,000 responses until Monday morning, about 2.7 thousand comments and 18,000 impressions.

What is interesting is the participation of Monica Lewinsky in answering the question and the size of the huge interaction with her.

"If I were trained at the White House, that would be really great," Lewinsky wrote, adding the comment with the emoji code of shame.

Lewinsky's comment received 156,000 impressions, and about 2.8 thousand comments, as of Monday.

US media said Lewinsky's response was ironic about working in the White House and was among the worst in her career.

More than two decades ago, a sexual scandal broke out in the White House during President Bill Clinton's presidency.

After the discovery of the relationship between the two, it became a major headline in the world newspapers, and later began to try to isolate the president, before being subsequently discharged in a "trial" in the Senate and managed to complete his term, while the fate of Monica Lewinsky, Activist, television personality and fashion designer. "


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