55 casualties in eastern Gaza, UN expresses concern

A UN spokesman on Friday expressed concern over the injury of dozens of Israeli occupation army soldiers in eastern Gaza and called for a "de-escalation."

At least 55 protesters in the eastern Gaza Strip, 33 of them live fire, were injured after the occupation suppressed the return marches on Friday, which reached its 66th week, according to the Ministry of Health.

Today's friday events were called "No negotiation, no reconciliation, no recognition of the entity,"" which comes a day after a Palestinian was shot dead by the Israeli army near the separation fence in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The National Committee for Return marches and the breaking of the siege called for active participation in the events of the coming Friday, which was called the Israeli "Friday burning the flag" in the sit-in squares in eastern Gaza, in response to its recent lifting in some Arab capitals.

"There is a fear of the form of the return marches on Friday, as it is unclear whether Hamas will accept the Israeli clarification or not, and whether or not it will deploy its field control forces," the channel said.

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