Nintendo Announces a Gaming Device "Switch Lite"

Nintendo has announced the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite as a cheaper version of the previous Nintendo Switch, but without a link to the TV.

The new device reminds us of what the company did in the early 1990s, where Gameboy spread widely.

The price of the new device is $ 200, which is cheaper than "Nintendo Switch" for $ 100, and smaller than before, the screen size of 5.5 inches clearly 720 pixels, but the introduction of the new version does not mean the production of the "Nintendo Switch," which sold 34 million units around The world during the first two years of its launch.

The device launched a dialogue about the company stopped manufacturing "Nintendo 3DS" but many have ruled out the possibility of this.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has 32GB internal storage with the possibility of adding a microSD chip and Wi-Fi connectivity, but users will not be able to connect to a Bluetooth headset or headset, as is the case with the Nintendo Switch.


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