Mini launches its first electric vehicle with a range of 114 miles

 Mini has developed its first electric vehicle that is suitable for long-distance road driving within cities, and not for multiple day trips.

The British subsidiary of BMW, the German company, has launched its new Cooper SE, which began its assembly in the British city of Oxford in November, while it is expected to be launched in the US market in early 2020, Auto News "specialist in automotive topics. While the company did not disclose the price of the electric vehicle, it is expected to arrive in Europe to 32 thousand euros (35.8 thousand dollars).

The Cooper SE Electric is powered by a 135 kW engine with a capacity of 181 hp and can reach 62 mph in 7.3 seconds.

The first MINI electric car comes in line with the 60th anniversary of the British company, as the company faces a crisis of existence as customers, especially in the United States, shift from small cars to large cars.

Sam Fiorani, vice president of auto consultancy Consultancy Solutions, said that MINI needs to find a new path to cope with shifts in the car market. "Turning a MINI into a high-performance electric car could be a new trend that MINI needs from For the future ".

The Cooper SE electric car operates a 32.6 kWh battery with a range of about 114 miles before recharging according to the estimates of the US Department of Environmental Protection. This range is limited compared to existing electric vehicles with a range greater than 200 miles.


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