Bentley develops a test model for a luxury electric car

 Bentley Motors has developed a test model for an electric vehicle that will represent the future of luxury electric cars as battery technology develops from current levels.

The new EXB 100 GT is expected to be 228 inches long and will have a range of 435 miles before it needs to recharge its battery thanks to its new five-fold battery technology, Density.

Bentley unveiled the new test model at its headquarters in England on the 100th anniversary of its founding.

"This is the car we want to manufacture in the future," said Stephan Silaf, Bentley's design director, in a statement on the new model.

While luxury automakers such as Aston Martin have revealed details of their upcoming electric cars, Bentley said it would not start producing its electric vehicle on a commercial scale until 2025 when battery technology improves further.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said last year that the problem with developing an electric car with Bentley's size and equipment under existing battery technology and limited capacity was that its range would be very limited, signaling that the company was waiting to develop a new generation of batteries that would ensure For its electric cars expected to reach an acceptable range.

"There is no industrial scale" of any battery technology currently able to solve this problem until about 2025.

At the same time, the test model EXP 100 GT may not enter commercial production until 2035 when self-driving technology develops with battery technology to ensure a longer-range, self-driving, luxury car.


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