Half of Germans see Islam as a threat

German values ​​and principles have been widely accepted by followers of the three faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, according to a German study.

According to a study by researchers at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Gutersloh, Germany, a majority of Germans (89%) and all religions believe democracy in Germany is a good form of government.

The authors of the study, which published their findings on Thursday, relied on the graphical database of the "debt index".

However, the researchers found that there were obvious shortcomings with regard to the extent of religious tolerance, and said that Islam, in particular, faces great difficulties in Germany, because of the negative view.

Strict stereotypical and religious perceptions and "intolerance of other religions" could be detrimental to long-term democracy, researchers said, a concern that "half of those surveyed see Islam as a threat."

The number of Muslims in Germany is estimated at five million Muslims, of whom 1.5 million are Muslims, living in North Rhine-Westphalia alone.


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